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Hello! I’m Anna

Hello there! Thank you for stopping by. My name is Anna Wheeler but a lot of my clients call me Anna Page(and I don’t mind it one bit)! Page is my middle name but also a family name. My husband Jonathan and I live in a little yellow house in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. We are parents of three adorable dogs, Danny, Dinah, and Dexter.

I first started my photography career in Utah in 2005 shooting weddings and then moved back home to Wisconsin in 2009. I loved working in Utah among the mountains but Wisconsin weddings soon won over my heart.

As a photographer, I am constantly thinking of new ways to create art. Everywhere I go I am always studying light. It consumes my thinking, and I love it! Each person I work with is unique and I like to bring that uniqueness out every time. I want you to see how I see you! I absolutely adore what I do and love getting to know my clients.

When I’m not working I still love taking pictures(with film most of the time for fun) but I also enjoy:

-Traveling. It is my dream to someday visit Tokyo, Japan.

-Antique shopping.

-Musical theater. I’ve always been a closeted musical theater geek!

-Music. It runs in my blood and I come from a musical family. I enjoy everything.

-Gardening. I have dreams of owning a huge secret garden someday but until then I’ll settle for our pink roses around our yellow house.

-Stand-up comedy. My husband and I enjoy laughing a lot and we love comedy clubs and lots of comedians.

-Spending time with my family. It’s a small but fun group of humans and I value my time with them, so Sunday’s are a no-work day for me!

-Cooking and eating food. I love making food for others or dining out with good company. I especially enjoy sushi, Friday Fish Fry, Persian food and a good Gin Gimlet.

Images on this page: Jen Lynne Photography