aboutHello there! Thank you for stopping by. My name is Anna Wheeler but a lot of my clients call me Anna Page(and I don’t mind it one bit)! Page is my middle name but also a family name. My husband Jonathan and I live in a little yellow house in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. We are parents of three adorable dogs, Danny, Dinah, and Dexter.

I first started my photography career in Utah in 2005 shooting weddings and then moved back home to Wisconsin in 2009. I loved working in Utah among the mountains but Wisconsin weddings soon won over my heart. Ever since then I’ve been shooting all over the state including Milwaukee, Madison, Sheboygan, Door County, Green Lake, Lake Geneva, and Rice Lake just to name a few. We have also traveled all over the country for weddings including California, Texas, Arizona, Idaho, Washington D.C, Maryland, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois.

As a photographer, I am constantly thinking of new ways to create art. Everywhere I go I am always studying light. It consumes my thinking, and I love it! Each person I work with is unique and I like to bring that uniqueness out every time. I want you to see how I see you! I absolutely adore what I do and love getting to know my clients.

When I’m not working I still love taking pictures(with film most of the time for fun) but I also enjoy:

-Traveling. I love everything from the red rocks of Moab, Utah to the Big Apple. It is my dream to someday visit Tokyo, Japan.

-Antique shopping. I have quite the collection and my home in some areas looks right out of the 1950s.

-Musical theater. I’ve always been a closeted musical theater geek! I take singing lessons on the side to apply myself creatively to something other than photography. I find this to be very healthy and makes me a better photographer!

-Music. It runs in my blood and I come from a musical family. I enjoy everything.

-Gardening. I have dreams of owning a huge secret garden someday but until then I’ll settle for our pink roses around our yellow house.

-Stand-up comedy. My husband and I enjoy laughing a lot and we love comedy clubs and lots of comedians. If you love this too, we’ll get along swimmingly.

-Spending time with my family. It’s a small but fun group of humans and I value my time with them, so Sunday’s are a no-work day for me!

-Cooking and eating food. Thanks to a show called Chopped, I like to think I’m a good cook. Regardless, I love making food for others or dining out with good company. I especially enjoy sushi, Friday Fish Fry, Persian food and a good Gin Gimlet.

Images on this page: Jen Lynne Photography